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Would you like the piece of mind in knowing that when an employee completes a course critical information was actually learned?

DMETRAIN's innovative testing methods foster learning in a number of ways. All tests on DMETRAIN are randomly generated from a pool of questions. This prevents anyone from sharing the answer key to a test, as every test on DMETRAIN is unique. Also, critical questions from each course are retested during built-in competency and certification exams. Not only do we teach critical information, we re-test on that information to make sure your employees are retaining it. After each test, we review with your employees any answers that were incorrect. Letting someone know why they were wrong on a particular question provides an excellent opportunity for additional education.

How are you ensuring that your employees are retaining critical information?

Annual Competency exams help ensure your employees are retaining critical information. Employees are tested on the courses that they have completed on DMETRAIN. Any areas that they show weaknesses in are reported on, and the employees are directed to the correct courses for review.

How are you testing potential employees?

DMETRAIN allows you to test employees before you hire them. With built in pre-hire screening tools, you can test the knowledge of potential hires before they are extended an offer. Prehire screens are a free service to DMETRAIN customers.

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