Customer Testimonials

Hear what providers have to say about dmetrain.

Bay Street Pharmacy

Bay Street Pharmacy

Sebastian, FL

Customer since 2002 training 17 employees on dmetrain

"dmetrain frees up my time, then I have more time to help grow my business."

- Theresa Tolle, RPh, Owner, Bay Street Pharmacy

Bay Street Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy in Sebastian, Florida. Like many pharmacies, Bay Street Pharmacy began offering durable medical equipment to help meet customer needs. dmetrain was able to help Bay Street's employees learn about medical equipment and gain the knowledge to quickly satisfy customer questions.

Cheek & Scott Drugs, Inc.

Cheek & Scott Drugs, Inc.

Live Oak, FL

Customer since 2002 training 20 employees on dmetrain

"It increases who we are, through higher levels of service, and greater education."

- Jeff Scott, President, Cheek & Scott Drugs, Inc.

For over 35 years, Cheek and Scott has provided quality care and exceptional service in medical equipment and respiratory services.

Hollywood Medical Supply

Hollywood Medical Supply

Hollywood, FL

Customer since 2001 training 14 employees on dmetrain

"It's simple for me to administer, and it's extremely cost effective. It also provides a way for me to stay on top of changing documentation requirements."

- Robert Lichtenstein, Owner, Hollywood Medical

Founded in 1965, Hollywood Medical is an independent, family owned company providing home medical equipment throughout Southern Florida and the Keys.

Boston Home Infusion

Boston Home Infusion

Boston, MA

Customer since 2002 training 50 employees on dmetrain

"Its saved us a lot of time, and a lot of effort, and money in allowing us to meet Joint Commision requirements and move forward as an organization."

- Bob Simmons, President, Boston Home Infusion

Boston Home Infusion is a leader in providing medical equipment, respiratory services and home infusion services throughout Massachusetts. As a Joint Commission accredited organization, Boston Home Infusion relies on dmetrain to keep them educated on changing regulations and requirements. dmetrain worked closely with Boston Home Infusion to create benchmarking reports that allowed comparisons of employee performance across multiple locations.

Clay Home Medical

Clay Home Medical

Petersburg, VA

Customer since 2002 training 40 employees on dmetrain

"Its the easiest way to get our people trained to where they need to be."

- Sam Clay, RPh, Owner, Clay Home Medical

Clay Home Medical and its affiliated pharmacy have been providing quality healthcare services to Virginia since 1968. An ACHC accredited organization, Clay Home Medical relies on dmetrain to keep employees informed on the latest changes to regulations. As a strong supporter of using technology to solve complex problems, you will frequently find Clay Home Medical on the top of RemitDATA's list of companies with the lowest DSO in the industry.

RXPositive Medical Supply

RX Positive Medical Supply

Yuma, AZ

Customer since 2002 training 15 employees on dmetrain

"It replaced hours and hours and hours of work. It keeps good management records of the training my employees have done. It makes the training interesting and the employees enjoy doing the training."

- Jim Hewlett, President, RX Positive

RX Positive has maintained a commitment to friendly service and premium quality products since 1993. From the day they opened for business, their philosophy has been that the customer always comes first.