Answers to your questions


Getting Started

Can I see how dmetrain works?

Yes. You may call us toll-free at (877) 872-4633 for a guided tour. Our demos will show you how each section of dmetrain operates.

How long does it take to get set up?

Set up can be immediate once we receive the information we need from you to customize the education your employees receive. Once we have all of the information we need, your company can usually start using dmetrain the same day.

How much does it cost?

Companies are charged per employee, per year. Each employee is prorated for the number of months he or she was active on dmetrain, so you are not penalized for hiring and firing employees. All employee activations and deactivations are time and date stamped so that the company is only charged for the appropriate number of months used. The individual rate a company pays per employee is determined by the number of employees that a company places on dmetrain.

Is there a maximum number of employees I can have on dmetrain?

No. dmetrain can track thousands of employees across hundreds of locations.

Are there any minimum requirements to get started on dmetrain?

Yes. Companies must load a minimum of five employees to start. dmetrain’s per-employee subscription fees decrease after 10 employees with additional fee reductions at higher levels.

Are there any special system requirements?

No. dmetrain uses standard internet technologies to deliver content. Users are expected to have a fairly recent web browser that supports Macromedia Flash and Adobe Acrobat Reader (both are free, downloadable browser plugins).

About dmetrain

How long has dmetrain been in business?

dmetrain research and development began in 2000, and we began working with customers in 2001.

How many customers does dmetrain currently have?

The numbers grow daily. Currently over 800 companies use dmetrain to provide training to over 20,000 employees. To date there have been over 3 million courses completed on dmetrain.

What is dmetrain customer retention rate?

Over 95% of the companies that joined dmetrain are still our customers today. A few customers left because of acquisitions, some opted to train employees in-house or through other avenues. Many customers that left have since returned to dmetrain after exploring other means of training.

What do dmetrain's customers have to say about dmetrain?

To summarize, our customers love us, but we'll let them tell you in their own words. Please visit our Customer Testimonials to see videos from a number of our customers about how dmetrain has improved their business.

What makes dmetrain the Employee Education Expert?

dmetrain was formed because of the frustration and time required of a medical equipment owner to train employees effectively and consistently across multiple locations. All courses have been created to address the challenges that medical equipment professionals face. Each course is written by experts who have performed the duties in the field interacting with real customers and solving real problems. Course authors include registered nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, accountants, billing and collections experts and human resources professionals.

Is dmetrain endorsed by accrediting bodies?

No. Most accrediting bodies have bylaws that prevent them from endorsing commercial products. dmetrain works closely with the accrediting bodies to make sure that our courses are compliant with their standards. All companies on dmetrain that have undergone the survey process have achieved accreditation. Please see this Customer Testimonial to hear more.

Courses and Features

What topics does dmetrain cover?

dmetrain designs courses to fit into a curriculum for your employees. The courses are specific and pertinent to the job that your employee has. Our courses are not “brochures” from manufacturers or from consultants who have never worked in the medical equipment, pharmacy, or homecare industries. Our courses cover customer service, billing, collections, equipment delivery, management, inventory control, pharmacy services, safety, and compliance with federal laws and accreditation regulations.

What if my company needs a new feature?

dmetrain works closely with customers to meet their needs. Most of our newest modules and features are an outgrowth of our ongoing effort to provide solutions for client challenges. We encourage customer feedback and provide multiple ways for our customers to provide this to us.

Does dmetrain provide Continuing Education?

Yes. dmetrain provides free continuing education to its subscribers for AARC, RESNA, ABC & BOC. Please click here to learn more.

I previously used dmetrain while with another employer. Can my records be transferred?

Yes. dmetrain ties education records to individual employees. If you move to a new employer that uses dmetrain your records can be transferred for you. If you hire an employee who used dmetrain, you will not need to retrain them on courses already completed.

Accreditation Requirements

Is accreditation mandatory?

Yes. The Medicare Modernization ACT (MMA) of 2003 mandates that all companies that wish to keep their Medicare billing number had to be accredited by 2007.