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New Feature: Deadlines

Per your request


Administrators and managers on dmetrain now have the abiility to assign custom deadlines to any course on dmetrain. Users upon log in will be prompted with reminders about assigned deadlines, and the home page has been optimized to showcase upcoming deadlines. Default deadlines may also be added as part of a company's custom curriculum. This enhancement will allow organizations to better integrate dmetrain into their new-hire processes, and help with meeting accreditation obligations.


Should you have any additional requests or questions please contact us at 877.872.4633.

Holiday Hours

Upcoming changes to our office availibility

To ensure our employees enjoy their holidays and spend time with their families our offices will be closed on the following:

November 27th and 28th

December 25th

January 1st

We wish all our customers a happy and healthy holiday season!


For 2014 Completions


Please allow a few days for transition to 2015 CEU courses. During the first few days of 2015, we will be submitting the last of the 2014 completions, and activating our approved CEUs for 2015.

As a reminder, we can only submit hours on your behalf if your license number is listed in dmetrain before you complete the courses with 100% accuracy.


Spanish Courses

Course content now available in Spanish


We had a number of the dmetrain core courses professionally translated into Spanish based on the feedback of a large number of our customers.  The initial courses available are A1006_14, A1007_14 and A1025_14. The courses, besides having the course title in Spanish, are given a course ID designation that contains “_ES”.  Also, when a user is taking the corresponding course in English, they will be notified from the course launch page that the course is also available in Spanish.

Upon completion of the Spanish version, the user’s history page will show that they completed the underlying base course. For example, by completing the A1006_14_ES, the user will receive credit for completing A1005_14.  We did not want the administrator reconciling users course completions across languages. This should make report generating easier for the administrator and allow them to focus on what courses still need to be completed, regardless of the language. 
We are still working on a process to make the assignment and reporting of foreign language courses easier, but in the interest of making these immediately available, we are placing them on the system with the understanding that we will continue to make small changes to improve the experience for all users. 

  • Bloodborne Pathogens and Infectious Disease
  • Infection Control
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Cultural Diversity and Cultural Competence
  • Tuberculosis and Homecare
  • Aseptic Technique and O.R. Protocol

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